Hello World

Published on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Obligatory Introduction

I decided to reboot my programming rambling. This time, The Ultimate Nerd will now be residing within my own domain. No more Blogger or Wordpress dependencies. Just me, focusing on random technical writeups, programming tips and tricks and other mumbo-jumbo.

Simplifying The Workflow

One of the reasons I grew lazy maintaining my prior blogs was because of the maintenance upkeep. From trying to remember logins to third-party websites, to looking for the perfect markup and themes to use (which were actually quite limited since they were not self-hosted). For the third iteration of this blog, I'll be keeping things short and simple. This blog will be statically generated using Wyam, a .NET-powered site generator (akin to Jekyll for Ruby), and I'll also be utilizing Cake to streamline the deployment process. The main benefit to switching to a .NET site generator is that I can easily extend from the base Blog "recipe" to add bells and whistles as I see fit. Hopefully the learning curve isn't too difficult!

What Next

I'll probably salvage the popular articles from the old Wordpress site. Since this blog will now live on the URL which redirected previously to Wordpress, not a lot of people will need to update their bookmarks.

I also plan to upload the input files in my Github. I'm considering to implement a comment system where people can submit pull requests to existing articles. I'll still need to think this through.

Also, RSS and Atom feeds are available on the footer links below. Don't forget to subscribe for blog updates!