I'm the guy who once spent too much time on the computer as a kid. Since the age of 6 I've been dabbling around the old Pentium I family PC (breaking it and Windows 98 a handful of times). During my elementary years I've become curious with game development. My highschool days were spent learning basic web design, blogging, Photoshop, more game development stuff, and a bit of application programming (C++ was my first language as a 14-year-old). After finishing college with a BS Computer Science degree (woo!) and landing a day job as a Software Engineer, I spend my free time making fun HTML5 stuff, playing with GameMaker: Studio, C#.NET/SFML, trying to think of new blog entries, and watching my Steam backlog collect dust. Neat stuff.

(Man I really should learn to write more content for my website so all this whitespace isn't wasted.)